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When we started this journey in 2015 we had a vision of not just giving returning veterans an environment to succeed in, but one where they could thrive. The mission of Post 9/11 Veterans Corp is to unite our returning veterans with our community through social outreach while educating future generations. While active duty service is one of the highest honors one can have, often times, the transitional phase out into the civilian world can be challenging. We truly believe our returning service members of today can, and will, be the future business and professional leaders of tomorrow.


Our programs and initiatives revolve around connecting and immersing our returning service members in hands-on and constructive environments where they are able to connect with other like-minded veterans, feel the sense of purpose and brotherhood we all miss, and reintegrate properly back into the Tampa Bay community with the same pride, passion, and feeling of belonging they had while serving on active duty.


Since our start in 2015 we have grown exponentially with the addition of 20 staff employees and hundreds of volunteers. Being a 100% volunteer organization we rely heavily on you, the community, to support our mission and vision. Through your contributions we have been able to supply thousands of underprivileged children with much needed school supplies, ensure local veterans were able to provide a Happy Holiday season for their families, and educational scholarships for veterans pursuing their dreams of becoming college graduates.


While we have made great strides towards progress, we need your continued support. We have said from day one, "if the community will support us, we will put in the work to make it happen." So far the Tampa Bay Area has done just that. As the year continues, and the possibility of touching more lives grows, we will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be in this position and all the inspiring people we have met along the way.


Thank you all for your continued support. We will not let you down.

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